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The HTML formatter ensures both safety and security. The code formatting process takes place within SSL encryption, and the formatting occurs at the client level, ensuring that no code is stored.

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The HTML Formatter is open-source, offering free usage without the need for sign-ups or any software installations.

HTML Formatter Online (FAQ):

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How to beautify HTML code online?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Copy and paste HTML code into the HTML editor.
  • Press the "Format" button.
our tool that support automatic indentation . Properly formatted html files have consistent indentation, clear structure, and well-organized tags for readability and maintainability.

What are the 4 basic HTML tags?

The four basic HTML tags are:

  1. <html>: Defines the root of an HTML document.
  2. <head>: Contains meta-information about the HTML document.
  3. <title>: Sets the title of the HTML document.
  4. <body>: Contains the content of the HTML document that is displayed in the browser.

What are header tags?

Header tags, denoted by <h1> to <h6>, are used to define headings or titles within an HTML document. These tags represent different levels of headings, with <h1> being the highest level (most important) and <h6> being the lowest level.

Which HTML version is best?

HTML5 is considered the best and latest version of HTML. It includes new features, elements, and APIs that enhance web development and support modern web standards. HTML5 provides better support for multimedia, semantics, accessibility, and mobile devices.

Which language is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a markup language used to create and structure content on web pages. HTML provides the basic building blocks for web development and is essential for creating static and dynamic web pages.

What is the best size for HTML?

There is no fixed size for HTML documents as it depends on the content and layout of the web page. However, it's recommended to keep HTML code concise and well-organized to improve loading times and maintainability. Minimizing unnecessary markup and optimizing images and other media can help reduce the overall size of HTML documents.