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Free SQL Formatter Tool

Formatting and beautifying SQL queries is effortless with our free online SQL formatter tool. Follow these simple steps to organize and enhance your SQL code:

  1. Enter or paste your SQL code into the SQL editor.
  2. Choose your preferred formatting options such as indentation and keywords casing.
  3. Click the "Format SQL" button to automatically format your SQL code.
  4. (Optional) Use the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy the formatted SQL for use in your projects.
  5. (Optional) Click "Clear Output" to reset both the SQL editor and output area.
  6. (Optional) Load sample SQL queries with the "Load Sample SQL Queries" button for testing and practice.

Our SQL formatter tool is designed to improve readability and maintainability of your SQL queries. Whether you're a database administrator, SQL developer, or working with SQL databases, our tool ensures your SQL code looks clean and professional.

Start using our free online SQL formatter now and experience how convenient it is to format and beautify SQL queries effortlessly!