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Simple to Use

Utilizing the SQL formatter is a breeze – simply copy and paste or type your SQL data and click 'Format' to effortlessly structure the SQL data

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Safe & Secure

The SWL formatter ensures both safety and security. The code formatting process takes place within SSL encryption, and the formatting occurs at the client level, ensuring that no code is stored.

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Open Source

The SQL Formatter is open-source, offering free usage without the need for sign-ups or any software installations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The SQL Formatter/Beautifier tool is designed to format and beautify SQL code for better readability and consistency. It helps organize SQL queries, making them more structured and easier to understand.

country = 'USA'
AND (age >= 25 OR subscription_status = 'active')
last_name ASC, first_name DESC;

Follow these simple steps:
Copy and paste your SQL code into the input editor.
Click the "Format SQL" button.
The tool will beautify your SQL code, and the formatted result will appear in the output editor.

No, your SQL code is processed locally within your browser. The DConverter tool does not store any data on the server for data safety and privacy.

Simply click the "Copy" button next to the output editor. This will copy the beautified SQL code to your clipboard, allowing you to easily paste it into your preferred SQL editor or environment.

Yes, we values user feedback. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, there is typically a feedback mechanism on the website to help improve the service.