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Simple to Use

Using JSON Viewer is straightforward process – simply input your JSON data by copying, pasting, or typing into the editor. View the Json output in different type of views by selecting the View Type.

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Safe & Secure

We prioritize safety and security at every stage of our code conversion process. This involves incorporating SSL encryption for code conversion, providing users with the assurance that no code is stored throughout the conversion process.

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Open Source

The JSON Viewer tool is open-source, enabling free usage without requiring sign-ups or any software installations.

JSON Viewer Online

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What is a JSON Viewer?

A JSON Viewer is a web-based tool that allows users to visualize and explore JSON data in a structured and human-readable format.

Why do I need a JSON Viewer?

JSON Viewers are useful for several reasons:

  • Understanding: JSON Viewers help users understand the structure and content of JSON data.
  • Debugging: Developers use JSON Viewers to debug their applications by examining JSON responses from APIs or data sources.
  • Validation: JSON Viewers often include validation features to ensure that JSON data is correctly formatted.
  • Presentation: JSON Viewers make it easier to present JSON data in a user-friendly format, suitable for non-technical users.

How do I use a JSON Viewer?

Simply paste your JSON data into the viewer, and it will be displayed in a structured format. You can then navigate through the data, expand or collapse nested objects, and perform various operations depending on the features provided by the JSON Viewer.