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Validate your sitemap effortlessly by entering your website URL and clicking the "Validate Sitemap" button. Ensure its accuracy before submitting the sitemap to Google Search Console.

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Prioritizing safety and security is paramount in validating XML sitemaps for websites. Our approach includes the utilization of SSL encryption and the implementation of secure and safe site crawling, ensuring the highest level of protection throughout the validation process.

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The open-source XML sitemap validation tool allows users to enjoy its features without any cost, eliminating the need for sign-ups or software installations.

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What is a sitemap validator?

A sitemap validator is a tool used to check the validity and correctness of your XML sitemap. It ensures that your sitemap follows the required format and guidelines set by search engines, helping to identify any errors or issues that may affect its functionality.

How do I find broken links in my sitemap?

To find broken links in your sitemap, you can use online tools or website crawlers specifically designed for this purpose. These tools scan your sitemap and identify any URLs that return error codes (such as 404 Not Found) or lead to non-existent pages, helping you to locate and fix broken links efficiently.

What is an SEO sitemap?

An SEO sitemap, also known as an XML sitemap, is a file that lists all the URLs of a website along with additional metadata such as the last modified date and priority of each URL. It is designed to help search engines crawl and index the pages of a website more effectively, thereby improving its visibility and rankings in search engine results.

Is a sitemap good for SEO?

Yes, a sitemap is beneficial for SEO as it helps search engines discover and index the pages of your website more efficiently. By providing a structured roadmap of your site's content, a sitemap ensures that search engine crawlers can easily navigate and understand the hierarchy and relevance of your pages, ultimately improving your site's visibility and rankings in search engine results.

What is a sitemap example?

An example of a sitemap may look like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="">


What are the two types of sitemaps?

There are primarily two types of sitemaps: XML sitemaps and HTML sitemaps. XML sitemaps are designed for search engines and provide a machine-readable list of URLs on a website, while HTML sitemaps are intended for human users and offer a navigational aid by displaying links to various pages of the website in a user-friendly format.