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Utilizing the XML formatter is a breeze – simply copy and paste or type your XML data and click 'Format' to effortlessly structure the XML data

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The XML formatter ensures both safety and security. The code formatting process takes place within SSL encryption, and the formatting occurs at the client level, ensuring that no code is stored.

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The XML Formatter is open-source, offering free usage without the need for sign-ups or any software installations.

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How to format XML file?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Copy and paste XML code into the box on the left.
  • Press the "Format XML" button.
our tool that support automatic indentation and syntax highlighting. Properly formatted XML files have consistent indentation, clear structure, and well-organized tags for readability and maintainability.

What is XML full form?

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. It is a markup language designed to store and transport data in a structured format that is both human-readable and machine-readable.

What is XML example?

An example of XML code:

      <book category="fiction">
          <title>Harry Potter</title>
          <author>J.K. Rowling</author>
      <book category="non-fiction">
          <title>The Lean Startup</title>
          <author>Eric Ries</author>

How to declare attributes in XML?

In XML, attributes are declared within the opening tag of an element using the attribute name followed by an equals sign and the attribute value enclosed in quotation marks. For example, <element attribute="value">. Attributes provide additional information about elements and are commonly used to specify metadata or characteristics.

Why is XML used?

XML is used for various purposes such as data exchange, configuration files, web services, and document markup. It provides a standardized and flexible way to structure and represent data, making it suitable for diverse applications across different platforms and systems.