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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The HTML/XML Unescaper tool is designed to unescape special characters in HTML or XML, reverting them to their original form. It is useful when you have escaped HTML or XML data and need to restore it to its original state.

Follow these steps:
Copy and paste your text containing escaped HTML or XML into the input editor.
Click the "Unescape HTML/XML" button.
The tool will unescape special characters, and the result will be displayed in the output editor.

The advantages of using HTML or XML unescaping include:
Data Restoration: Unescaping allows you to restore HTML or XML data to its original form, reversing the effects of previous escaping.
Text Representation: Unescaping ensures that special characters are treated as text and not markup, preserving the intended representation of the content.
Content Retrieval: When dealing with escaped HTML or XML data received from external sources, unescaping is necessary to retrieve the original content.

HTML or XML unescaping is necessary for several reasons:
Content Display: When working with HTML or XML data that has been escaped for security or encoding purposes, unescaping is required to display the content correctly.
Data Retrieval: If you have previously escaped HTML or XML data and need to retrieve the original content, unescaping is essential.
Data Transformation: Unescaping is a common step in processing data received from web forms or APIs to ensure the accurate representation of special characters.

No, your data is processed locally within your browser. The DConverter tool does not store any data on the server for data safety and privacy.

Yes, we values your feedback. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, there is typically a feedback mechanism on the website to help improve the service.